It is legally obligatory to ensure that your FinTech project doesn’t become a tool for fraud, money laundering, data theft or other illicit activity. As a specialized technology law boutique, will help you with the legal side of compliance & risk management processes. provides compliance-related legal advice and helps ensure risk management and compliance with Lithuanian and European laws, including GDPR, AML, Cyber security and other specific fields that apply to FinTechs and other tech entrepreneurs.

In case of a compliance breach, we assist clients in managing the situation and preventing further violations.

Vilius Benušis

Associate Partner

One of the founders of tech law boutique, Vilius stands out as the firm’s top expert of data security and privacy law. He also has extensive experience in other tech law related areas. Vilius is also one of the brains who in 2019 came up with a plan to launch around the world should recognize that technology is changing the world around us,” observes Vilius, “I am happy to work with colleagues who understand that, nowadays, tech law is the most important kind of law”. Read More
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