About us

More and more fintechs are discovering Lithuania as the go-to place for EU-wide financial institution licenses. EXE.legal has been established to assist these savvy tech companies by getting them on a fast track to a pan-European FinTech license or a specialized “lite” bank license.

As a highly-specialized tech law boutique, EXE.legal seeks to be the No. 1 option for market- altering fintechs that are looking to make Lithuania their legal home, and are aspiring to conquer the European markets. When we say No. 1, we don’t mean biggest, oldest, or the most expensive. It’s just that while other lawyers are still talking the talk, we are already walking the walk. We are proud to act as your tech law go-getters in EU’s top fintech jurisdiction.

EXE.legal is a highly experienced specialized
law boutique with strong ties to both tech
and academic communities.

Dr. Paulius Astromskis
Managing partner
Know the Jungle

Because you see, to be successful in Europe’s financial world, you will need more than just an EU licence. You’ll also need a legal partner that knows the jungle, not just the letter of the law. As techy guys ourselves (not just experienced lawyers), we know the European fintech ecosystem inside out, and we’ll assist you in navigating all the legal roads on your way to success.

Areas of Expertize

At EXE.legal, we specialize in fintech-specific legal services. Other related areas of expertize include GDPR compliance, Cybersecurity legal auditing and incidents, Markets and regulation, Trademark registration and protection, Patent registration and protection, Trade secrets and copyright protection, Protection of ideas and sui generis. What separates us from the legal crowd, however, is our deeply practical approach to client service. No mere consultants, we are go-getters who are ready to run a mile in tight shoes to advance your business in whatever way necessary.

Launch pad

Whenever you feel that you’re ready to target new markets and to enter new legal environments, Exe.legal will be ready to assist you as well. In 2019, we launched Lawcalizer.com which can pair your fintech company with top tech-savvy law firms in different jurisdictions. More often than not, Lithuania will serve as a launch pad for your fintech rocket. We’ll make sure your operation is in safe hands during both your Lithuanian stage and your expansion stage.