At Exe.legal, our team is driven by the shared belief that the future of law belongs to tech law. Whoever has the power and the knowledge to synchronize the ever-changing digital technologies with stable legal settings will always have prestigious clients seeking their help. At EXE, we employ legal experts who have both the power and the knowledge, and who are go-getters at heart.

Dr. Paulius Astromskis
Managing Partner
The head of Lithuania’s most progressive tech law firm, Paulius is one of the leading tech law experts in the region. He has been working with fintech companies and start-ups since 2008. A true tech law go-getter, Paulius is sought after by fintechs for his deep business and legal knowledge...ing corporate, compliance and product structure issues. According to Paulius, “One of the little-known reasons why international fintechs are so happy to be in Lithuania is because we have lawyers who are deeply passionate about emerging financial technologies.” Read More
Arturas Zdanovicius
Associate Partner
A man of many callings, Arturas is as proficient in law, as he is in entrepreneurship and emerging technologies. He is downright obsessed with P2P, blockchain technologies, crowdfunding, and cybersecurity. If you are launching a new fintech and want to do it right, Arturas is your man for all...ons pertaining to law. Arturas is often asked to consult international fintechs regarding operating licenses of payment, e-money or other. Arturas believes that his law firm has an important mission to fulfill: “At EXE, we are redefining what a progressive law firm can do for a an international tech company”. Read More
Vilius Benušis
Associate Partner
One of the founders of Exe.legal tech law boutique, Vilius stands out as the firm’s top expert of data security and privacy law. He also has extensive experience in other tech law related areas. Vilius is also one of the brains who in 2019 came up with a plan to launch Lawcalizer.com. “Legal...erts around the world should recognize that technology is changing the world around us,” observes Vilius, “I am happy to work with colleagues who understand that, nowadays, tech law is the most important kind of law”. Read More
Our LegalTech consultancy partner, InvestCEE is a business consultancy focused on providing strategic advice on optimizing legal work processes. Through unique expertise and a dynamic LegalTech marketplace, InvestCEE helps law firms and corporate legal departments succeed on their digital...tion journey. Working across the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) region, InvestCEE guides legal teams to creatively use and make the most of legal technology. Read More
Our white-label investment software partner, LenderKit is a leading player in the industry of crowdfunding software technologies. We offer FinTechs a gateway to LenderKit software solutions that help Fintechs with every technical detail they need for their platform. LenderKit makes it fast, simple...nd cost-effective to create your FinTech products, allows to expand your current portfolio of services, and helps increase the number of clients without inflating your contribution margin. Read More
During the licensing process, FinTechs find it necessary to have the right tools for financial forecasting, specific accounting operations, as well as producing reports for the National Regulator. In this area, it is important to have an experienced partner. And that’s what Nordgain is all...Our trusted partner in the fields of finance and accounting, Nordgain has the tools and the experience to assist new players in the field. Read More

In 2019, we launched Lawcalizer initiative, which is an international brokerage that pairs international tech companies with tech-savvy law firms in different jurisdictions.

For a globally expanding business, different legal systems are like sealed doors that need to be unlocked for a global strategy to be executed locally. Instead of going through pains looking for keys to open each of these doors, companies can now use Lawcalizer as their master key.

Lawcalizer’s rich network of tech-oriented law firms has already proved to be of great value to EXE.legal’s clients. Once a FinTech company feels ready to establish its legal presence in other countries besides Lithuania, Lawcalizer pairs them with the most suiting legal partner in that particular jurisdiction

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