Skin in The Game

At, we have a healthy scepticism about the word ‘consultants’. While consultancy is an integral part of any legal practice, we believe there are too many lawyers out there who never put their skin in the game. We always seek to be as much about walking the walk, as we are about talking the talk. At EXE, therefore, we are not just mere consultants, but also successful risk-taking entrepreneurs.

These are two of EXE’s
most ambitious entrepreneurial projects:

We help match LegalTech vendors with open-to-innovation law firms and legal departments. By employing state-of-the-art legal technologies, lawyers can optimize and improve their legal practices. Because our team comprises of both legal and tech experts, we are ideally positioned to bridge the communication divides that exist between technology developers and classic law practitioners. In 2019, the team of Astromskis, Zdanovicius and Benusis launched which is an international brokerage that pairs international tech companies with tech-savvy law firms in different jurisdictions. For a globally expanding business, different legal systems are like sealed doors that need to be unlocked for a global strategy to be executed locally. Instead of going through pains looking for keys to open each of these doors, companies can now use Lawcalizer as their master key.