As a tech law boutique, we offer both fintech-specific legal services and more general legal services that are often relevant to fintechs (trademark registration, GDPR compliance, etc). For an overview of EXE’s services and areas of expertise, please see our fintech roadmap below.

What needs an extra emphasis, however, is that you should not think of us as mere legal consultants. When choosing EXE to be your partner and representative in Lithuania, you are in fact choosing a pragmatic do-it-all solution. Need help with hiring the right personnel and forming the perfect development team? We have you covered. Need to develop a bullet-proof business plan, conduct a market research or set up a KPI structure? We’ve been there, we’ve done that. We are super professional at all things legal, and equally efficient at all things beyond legal.

We are go-getters who are ready to run a mile in tight shoes to make sure your time in
Lithuania is smooth and productive.

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Must-Do Homework stage:
  • We can help clarify your business concept and select the most appropriate license (if any). During this initial stage, EXE will also help protect your intellectual property (trademarks, patents, design, copyrights, sui generis and other #Intellectual property protection services;
  • We can help with market research, risk identification, business model, infrastructure set-up, capital planning, KPI structure, and other #Market research and business model development. At EXE, we are as much about business consulting as we are about strictly legal consultations.
Establishing local presence
  • We can and will help you with corporate structure, shareholders’ agreement, company establishment (merger or acquisition), opening of a bank account. We will help build your business by advising on core service providers (e.g. accounting, office rent, etc.), employment and headhunting, staff recruitment documentation (employment, confidentiality, non-compete, option contracts and other documentation), and provide other #General corporate, labour & contract law services
Licensing & Fundraising stage:
  • We will help prepare licensing documentation and represent you before the Bank of Lithuania and other supervisory agencies to get necessary financial markets license, approvals and provide other #Licensing services;
  • As your go-getters, we will also help you with capital formation and, if needed, will help with search for fundraising opportunities, investors, set up financing documentation and provide other #Fundraising and Investor relation services.
Launch stage
  • To prepare your fintech business for the launch, we can help with assembling the development team, checking their backgrounds, drafting or reviewing service contracts, assisting in technology transfer, marketing campaigns, drafting and reviewing media and communications related contracts, or client relations areas. At EXE, we are also experienced in overseeing contract performance and enforce them through negotiations or litigation in case of breach, and provide other #Business contract drafting and enforcement services.
Global Expansion stage
  • Whenever you feel that you are ready to go global and enter new legal environments, EXE will be ready to assist you as well. We may assist in building global expansion strategy, model and carry on cross-border operations. In 2019, we launched which can pair your fintech company with top tech-savvy law firms in more than 100 jurisdictions across all continents, and provide other #International scaling and cross-border operations services. Read more at