Enter Lithuania

After Brexit, Lithuania is no longer content to being just one of EU’s mains fintech hubs. In a Londonless EU, Lithuania is making all the right moves to solidify its positions as the fintech hub of EU. Need an E-money or payment license? In Lithuania, you’ll get it 2-3 times faster than anywhere else in EU. Need a deep pool of IT experts? Lithuania has it (and most of the experts are fluent in English). Our capital city Vilnius is not only #2 in EU by EMI licenses issued, but it’s also a wonderful city to live in! Click here to read more about the fintech paradise that is Lithuania.

Escape generalism

Unlike general law firms, we are highly-specialized in catering to the needs of international fintechs that are moving their businesses to Lithuania. EXE’s deep knowledge of information technology law makes us your ideal partner for issues like licensing, protection of investment and digital infrastructure, tax and regulatory issues, and digital asset-specific legal issues. Generalists may say they care about you, but they’ll always have 99 priorities they care as deeply about. At EXE.legal, fintechs and their legal needs are always the NO#1 priority.


Our approach to client care is encoded in our brand name EXE. As most computer-savvy people know, .exe is a file extension for an executable file format. In other words, to click an .exe file means to launch a program. Wouldn’t it be nice if law firms acted this way too? No nonsense, no fishy charges, no lobby fountain fees, no time-wasting. By partnering up with a team of tech law go-getters, you’ll face none of that, only prompt and expert execution of specific legal tasks.

Control your business

In many cases, EXE is the first point of contact for fintechs looking to make Lithuania their legal home. It often so happens that, having earned a client’s trust, we are also asked to supervise the other sides of their business relocation and further development. Making your transition smooth and easy is our top priority, hence we never run from this responsibility. As your local go-getters, we’re ready to run a mile in tight shoes to make you feel at home.

The Function

Our world is full of consultants who are ready to sell you their precious advice, but who will never put their money where their mouth is. Talking the talk takes intelligence, walking the walk takes guts. At EXE.legal, we have both prestigious academic backgrounds and successful business experience. Unlike most lawyers, the founders of EXE are also successful risk-taking entrepreneurs. The three men team of dr. Astromskis, Zdanovicius and Benusis (who hold leading positions at EXE) is the brain behind the global start-up Lawcalizer.com, an international brokerage that pairs international tech companies with tech-savvy law firms in different jurisdictions.