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The Quadfecta Framework for the Regulation of Intelligent Machines

Author – Dr. Paulius Astromskis

This paper inquires into the complex issue of the regulation of intelligent machines. The aim is to develop, considering all ontological levels of law, a framework that would ensure a balance between freedom and control of the most sophisticated technological innovations. To achieve this objective, the first part of the paper defines the general concept, elements, and ontology of law and regulation. This is followed by a critical analysis of the Trifecta model of regulation based on information technology in order to determine whether it can be used as a framework for intelligent machines regulation. After having ascertained that the Trifecta model needs to be augmented with a moral (values) domain, the quadfecta framework for intelligent machine regulation is proposed in the last part or the paper. This framework promulgates the idea of a dynamic interrelation between the behavior, the technology in use, the rules, and “the Law”, where changes in one domain result in changes in the other three. A follow-up research agenda for issues involving intelligent machine regulation is then discussed in the concluding remarks of the paper.


artificial intelligence; regulation; machine morality; machine justice; machine behavior; technology law

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